04/11/2014 10:17 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lindsay Lohan's Life Coach Questions Her Sobriety (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan's health and wellness coach, A.J. Johnson, has called it quits -- at least for the time being. A renowned celebrity lifestyle coach, Johnson had been helping the newly sober actress establish a healthy lifestyle, which is being documented on the OWN series, "Lindsay."

What caused their fall out? In the above video, Johnson and Lohan's relationship starts to become strained.

"When we were at dinner the other night, your mom told me you had been drinking," A.J. tells Lohan.

"When we were at dinner with my mom…when she was having drinks?" Lohan asked, eyebrows raised.

"It kind of hit me when she told me that," Johnson says. "And then when I came in the next morning, I found wine in [your apartment]."

Lohan says if she'd been drinking, she would have talked to her sober coach, Michael. "And I was not drinking because I did go to a meeting with my friend, Carter," she says. "And this is something that I don't feel comfortable talking about on camera. And I thought you -- as my friend, of all people -- would tell me that in private."

She adds that her mother, Dina Lohan, is "someone who was living in the guilt of their own actions, projecting it onto me."

Johnson explains that she just wants honesty. "As so many people doubt, and so many people are non-believers, if I can help you tell your truth -- and it's your truth and your honesty, which is what you told Oprah you were going to give in this -- I want to help you tell that," Johnson says.

While Lohan says she wants people to see the real her, she wishes Johnson had come to her in private. "I'm just a little bit offended at the fact that we've had a personal relationship off-camera, and it's something that you're throwing at me on-camera," she says. "I would have appreciated you telling me one-on-one first."

Before ending the conversation, Johnson asks Lindsay if she's mad at her.

"I'm not mad," Lindsay says, keeping her cool. "You'd know if I was mad."

"Lindsay" airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET on OWN.

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