04/11/2014 06:40 pm ET Updated Apr 11, 2014

This Paraplegic Boy Just Wants To Be Able To See The Stars Again

Zakk's Wheels

When Arlaeeh Galindo passed a car accident on her way to work in February 2012, she had no idea the incident involved her then-3-year-old son, Zakkary.

Galindo's brother was driving a vehicle that was struck by an elderly man, according to Zakkary, who had been strapped in his car seat behind Galindo's brother, suffered from internal decapitation -- his skull separated from his spine, the outlet reported.

Galindo arrived at the hospital to find her son in a coma. Doctors were not optimistic about Zakkary's outlook, telling her that he would likely not improve beyond a vegetative state, reported. But, despite doctors' predictions, Zakkary regained consciousness several days later and has made considerable progress. While he's paralyzed from the neck down and depends on a ventilator to breathe, Zakkary's personality, intellect and smile are in tact.

"Though he has been through many hardships," Galindo wrote on Facebook. "This child is a perfect example of perseverance in the face of adversity."

From the Zakk's Wheels Facebook page.

While Zakkary enjoys many things children his age love -- such as superheroes like Iron Man -- finding the resources to live a normal life has been a struggle. The wheelchair-accessible van Galindo had been using to transport her son broke down, and she's had to rely on the kindness of others to get Zakkary to kindergarten.

But a contest sponsored by the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association might be the answer to Galindo's prayers.

Supporters can vote for Zakkary to win a new wheelchair-accessible van, so that the now-5-year-old can venture places like the Griffith Observatory in Hollywood -- a place he would love to revisit, according to Babble. Galindo said Zakkary "knew his planets, knew what order they went in, [and] what size they were,” at just 3 years old.

From the Zakk's Wheels Facebook page.

"Through all the hardships Zakkary has been presented with, he is always in the best spirits with a big smile on his face," Galindo wrote on the contest's page. "Even though Zakk’s life will no longer be the same as that of a 'normal' 5-year-old, his spirit and enthusiasm for life no one can deny."

To vote for Zakkary, visit the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association contest website.



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