04/12/2014 11:23 am ET Updated Apr 12, 2014

You'll Never Look At A Giraffe The Same Way Again

What a view.

Photographer Chris Barnard's camera got kicked by a giraffe, then provided a shot of the giraffe's undercarriage.

Laughing Squid poked fun at the angle, writing that Barnard's camera "reveals a side of the great creature that is rarely seen by those not in the zoological or veterinary trades."

And how about that closeup of the animal's split hoof digging into the dirt? Turns out those things are lethal. "The adult giraffe's powerful front legs with sharp hooves could easily put an end to the lion's life," National Geographic writes.

The number of giraffes in Africa has dropped from more than 140,000 in 1999 to less than 80,000, according to current stats cited by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

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