04/14/2014 04:43 pm ET Updated Apr 14, 2014

Barbara Walters Confronts Don Lemon About CNN's Plane Coverage

Barbara Walters questioned Don Lemon on Monday about his network's coverage of missing Malaysia Airlines Flight 370.

CNN has attracted much criticism over its nonstop coverage of the plane's disappearance. Lemon guest hosted "The View" on Monday, and the show's co-hosts asked him to address the network's handling of the story.

Walters said that the network has covered the investigation "more than anything else I can remember." Lemon defended the coverage, which he said "audience interest" has justified.

"CNN would not do this if it were not for the ratings," Walters later suggested.

Lemon objected to that idea, but agreed with Walters that the element of mystery in the plane's disappearance is part of the reason people are so fascinated.

Watch their exchange in the clip above (via Youtube).

(h/t Mediaite)