04/14/2014 08:56 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

These Annoyed Dogs And Cats Totally Understand Your Monday Struggles

Hello, and welcome back to yet another Monday in your life. It happens every single week: You wake up and immediately start to doze back asleep, but know that you can't because you have to get up and get on with your very productive life.

Well, we've found some dogs and cats who look like they may be enduring the same exact struggle as you. Behold, 17 furry companions who may just be having a worse Monday than you.

Your morning starts when your snooze button wakes you up for the fifth time.

Then your roommate tries to talk to you .3 seconds after you've gotten up.

You stumble to the dresser, but can't find anything to wear.

On the way out, someone tries to talk to you before you've had your coffee.

Your ride calls -- they're late yet again.

Or maybe your train just keeps getting delayed.

Oh great. It's snowing, on a Monday, in April.

And when you finally get into the office, you fire up your computer to find you have 250 unread emails.

Your coworker has already had too much coffee and you have still had none.

In typical over-caffeinated fashion, they decided to animatedly talk about their "crazy weekend" for twenty minutes.

Now someone tells you it's time to go to another meeting.

You were happy when lunchtime rolled around, but then you realized you got the wrong delivery order.

You look at the clock. It's only 2pm.

You remind yourself it could be worse. Remember that time you had to get dressed up for a big Monday meeting and looked like a genie?

You look at the clock again. It's 3pm now, so there's that.

Now your boss asks you to stay late.

You're finally home after a long day! And this is immediately what you do.



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