04/14/2014 12:08 pm ET Updated Apr 15, 2014

Kate Upton Hates The Most Famous Part Of Her Body

Well, this is an interesting visual.

Kate Upton has made a quite a name for herself in recent years, posing countless times for Sports Illustrated and most recently starring in the upcoming movie "The Other Woman." But it turns out, the part of her body that has seemingly gotten the most recognition is also the body part she likes the least about herself -- her well-endowed chest.

That's right, the 21-year-old admitted to The Sun that she would actually prefer a smaller chest, and thinks Cameron Diaz, someone with a much smaller chest than Upton, has the "perfect figure." She also has some ideas on how smaller boobs would make her life a little less difficult:

"Oh, man, it would be so much easier,' especially if people didn't constantly bring them up… If I could just take them off like they were clip-ons."

Sorry, Kate, but we're not so sure how that would work out. And for some strange reason, the visual is bringing us back to that creepy Emma Watson GIF from last week.

We say embrace the curves, Ms. Upton. We love you just the way you are.



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