04/14/2014 09:38 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lindsay Lohan Shares Personal Footage From A Night Out With Friends (VIDEO)

Lindsay Lohan is a recovering addict, but says she can handle being around friends who drink. On "Lindsay," the docuseries following the actress after her sixth stay in rehab, she explains her rational.

"I feel like I can go out to clubs," Lohan says. "And I'm so social, anyway, too. When I go out, I'm talking the whole time -- outside, smoking a cigarette, going back inside -- and I dance all the time when I go out. I love dancing. So I have other things that I find more exciting than sitting and just drinking."

Lohan says she knows what to expect when she goes out to certain places. "I know what the demons are that are going to be in that kind of energy in that place," she says. "Like if it's a club or something, I know what I'm tempting. But I can hang around people that have drinks. I feel comfortable with not being tempted to."

Along with being followed by a camera crew on "Lindsay," Lohan also shares personal footage of her life in New York City. In the above video, she films a group of her friends, who decide to play a game of 'Dare.' The dare is for someone to get an ear pieced -- with a knife. Watch the video to see Lohan's cringe-inducing footage.

The final episodes of "Lindsay" air Sunday, April 20 at 10 p.m. ET on OWN.

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