04/14/2014 07:16 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Rice Bowls Make Cooking Dinner Stupid Easy (And Delicious)

Set The Table

There are days when dinner has to be easy -- like Monday through Friday, every week out of the year. There's nothing that we want to do less after a long day of work than start chopping vegetables far long before we get to even think about eating. And then, dishes.

As much as we love to cook, most weeknights need simple meals. That's why we love rice bowls.

Rice bowls are the answer when you only have a couple of ingredients in your fridge and can't handle the thought of going to the store. Or when you're so hungry and tired that you need to put food in your mouth in no less than ten minutes. (The key? A little advanced planning by pre-cooking your rice ahead of time.) Somehow, rice served in a bowl is the unifying factor of that half a cucumber, couple of carrots and leftover chicken wasting away in the fridge -- and it all comes together in minutes. Rice bowls are the answer to your dinner problem.

Rice Bowls

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