04/14/2014 01:49 pm ET

Just Another Day On The Job For Man In Superman Shirt Who Saved Baby From Fire

One man proved that there is a superhero in all of us.

During a large fire at a Dallas, Texas, apartment complex, Tori Phillips came to the rescue of a family struggling to escape by catching their baby from a second story patio, KXAS‑TV reported. Fittingly, he was wearing a Superman sweatshirt at the time.

Phillips, a resident at Mayan Palms Apartments, saw the family and offered to catch the baby so they could jump down.

"I’d seen they needed help and they were scared to come down with their baby and I was like 'I’m right here, I’ll catch ‘em,'" he told the outlet. "So that’s what I did and then another dude helped get his wife down and then he jumped down and got them to safety."

The four-alarm blaze claimed more than 30 units and has left around 50 people without homes, according to KTVT. One woman was taken to the hospital for burns, and a firefighter sustained a minor injury.

Phillips isn't the only ordinary person to transform himself into a superhero and come to the rescue of others in need. Earlier this month, Bode Bierdneau, a 9-year-old boy from California, helped to save his father after a snowmobile accident, and British teacher Ray Coe saved the life of his student by donating his kidney to her.



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