04/14/2014 01:14 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Family Confronts Woman Who Allegedly Stole Partner, Their German Shepherd (VIDEO)

A Canadian woman who allegedly stole a family's German shepherd is now facing multiple charges.

The 50-year-old woman, who police are not identifying at this time, allegedly stole the dog last Wednesday, Northern Life Canada reported. She was arrested Sunday and faces charges including breaking and entering, theft, possession of property obtained by crime, and mischief, according to police.

Last Wednesday, security cameras outside of Neil Haskett and his family's Sudbury home filmed two suspects approach their dog, named Partner, while he was tied up outside.

A short time later, the family left the home and brought Partner inside. That's when footage appears to show a 50-year-old woman and another man break into the complex. Cameras also allegedly caught the two suspects leaving with the Hasketts' German shepherd.

Haskett took to social media to find his beloved pet, posting pictures of Partner and asking friends if they had seen him in the area.

It didn't take long for dozens of tips to come in. At 6 p.m. on April 10, the family began searching around potential areas where the suspects may have been. That's when they said they noticed a dog that looked like Partner being walked by the people they had captured on their security cameras. Haskett said the dog had been shaved.

“He was shaved almost completely bald," Haskett told Northern Life. "His head wasn't shaved and his tail wasn't shaved, but the rest of all of his long hair was completely shaved off.”

Haskett confronted the alleged dog-napper, and filmed it on his cell phone. The woman said on the video that she did not steal the dog, but got him at a shelter a month ago. In a separate Northern Life report, Haskett said his four children were in "hysterics" in the back seat of the car as the confrontation happened.

“They were just mortified that this person had our dog, and they had shaved our dog,” he said.

Officers took the dog to a vet, who confirmed that the animal was indeed Partner, according to the Greater Sudbury Police Department.

The suspect is due to appear in court May 21. Police are still searching for her alleged accomplice.

Haskett said after being reunited with his dog, Partner seemed shaken and was whimpering a lot, something he normally doesn't do.

“It was a very emotional homecoming,” he said.

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