04/15/2014 09:06 am ET Updated Apr 15, 2014

You Can Buy Google Glass Today! A Few Things To Consider.


Today's the big day. The one day that us "normals," who were not chosen to be Google Glass Explorers during the first round of beta testing, can get our hands on some sweet, sweet high-tech spectacles. We're here to help you make the big decision of whether or not to purchase a pair.

Starting at 9 a.m. ET, people in the U.S. can order Glass from this Google website. But before you do, check your bank account and (more importantly) take a long hard look in the mirror. Google Glass costs $1,500, plus tax. Do you have the disposable income? If so, is a dorky face-computer really worth it?

Say you have $1,500 that you'd rather not put towards a vacation or, I don't know, retirement. Now think about what it will feel like to be called a "Glasshole." Can you handle that?

Another question to consider: Do you live somewhere where you might get attacked or threatened for wearing Glass? There have been multiple people allegedly attacked for wearing Glass in San Francisco. The device has become a sort of symbol of the wealth divide growing between the tech and non-tech people in the city.

Thankfully, Google has changed Glass's look a bit recently and introduced more normal looking glasses frames, prescription glasses and sunglasses. Glass looks slightly less weird than it did originally.

If you do decide that yes, you want to live a new life with Google Glass, go ahead. You might have to be fast, because it's not clear how many spots are available. Just don't say we didn't warn you.