04/15/2014 03:21 pm ET Updated Apr 15, 2014

Detroit Had The Snowiest Winter On Record, And We Have Just About Had Enough

Joshua Lott via Getty Images

Okay winter, we give up. You win. Can we move on now? Please?!

It might be the middle of April, but any Michigander knows that means absolutely nothing when it comes to weather. So we guess we shouldn't be surprised that it snowed Monday night, or that Detroit has now had the snowiest winter... ever.

Metro Detroit had 3.1 inches of snowfall recorded at Detroit Metropolitan Wayne County Airport in Romulus, Mich. as of Tuesday morning. According to the National Weather Service, that gives the region a total of 94.8 inches for the entire winter, meaning Detroit broke its old record for the most snow in a season.

In fact, it beats the last record -- from the 1880 to 1881 season -- by .6 inches, which means there's been more snow this season than a year when horses were a perfectly acceptable form of transportation.

Detroit broke a few other unappealing records this season, too. January was the snowiest month on record, with 39.1 inches, and the city broke the record for most consecutive days with snow cover one inch or greater with 77 days. The normal seasonal snow fall for Detroit is 42.5 inches, less than half of what the area got this year.

If there is a medal for any of these records, take it back. We don't want it.

Detroiters expressed a mixture of wry humor, confusion, anger, hardened resignation and long-suffering despair on social media.

Mostly, it's hard to believe it was 70 degrees just a few days ago:

And then there's the people who are sick and tired of hearing everyone else be sick and tired about the crazy weather.

So put on a tank top, snow pants, rain boots, gloves and some sunscreen and stop complaining. You know what they say: if you don't like the weather in Michigan, just wait five minutes.



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