04/15/2014 11:51 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fish Eats Dildo.

Hey you guys: This cod ate a dildo.

dildo fish

Bjørn Frilund, 64, is a master baiter in his local village of Eidsbygda, Norway. He was slacking his line one morning when his attention got tugged to one of the cod in his fishing nets, according to the photo database WENN.

He quickly inserted his knife into the fish's orifices, and found a big, pink sex toy. He swears it wasn't his -- the fish probably thought the dildo was a small octopus, and ate it, Frilund maintains. The fish was filleted and given away, while the dildo remains at Frilund's house.

There's no word on how the naughtiest catch found the naughtiest feast.

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