04/15/2014 12:41 pm ET Updated Apr 15, 2014

Miley Cyrus Gives Away New Puppy Moonie

A new puppy wasn't enough to mend Miley's broken heart.

Cyrus gave away her new dog, Moonie, less than 10 days after her mother surprised her with the little pup. Tish Cyrus hoped to cheer up her daughter following the death of her beloved Alaskan Klee Kai, Floyd, who died while the singer was on her Bangerz tour.

Apparently, it was too much too soon, because on Sunday, April 13, Cyrus revealed she no longer has Moonie.

Moonie is living with Cyrus' mother's friend, who has another dog for him to play with. "After what happened I'm scared 2 have a tiny dog," the 21-year-old explained. Reports have suggested Floyd was attacked by a coyote.

She grappled with taking in the new dog so soon after Floyd's death.

Cyrus paid tribute on her tour by singing to a giant inflatable dog that resembled Floyd.



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