04/15/2014 04:26 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nas On The Songs He Never Got To Make With Amy Winehouse

Nas had plans to collaborate with Amy Winehouse before she passed away in 2011, the hip-hop legend told HuffPost Live's Marc Lamont Hill on Tuesday in an appearance to commemorate the 20th anniversary of his debut album "Illmatic."

"She had done 'Me & Mr. Jones' on her last album when she was living, which was about going to one of my shows," he recounted. "[It was] a true story -- she told me she was trying to go to one of my shows and something happened and she couldn't make it, so she made a song about it. So this song [that we wanted to make] was part two that she wanted me to be on, and then we had this other song which was a Donny Hathaway remake and it was her idea, so we wanted to do two different songs."

Winehouse died before the duo could complete either collaboration, but Nas sampled vocals from the late songstress in his 2012 song "Cherry Wine."

"She passed and left us 'Cherry Wine,'" he said. "In her way, she left 'Cherry Wine' for me, and [I] was grateful, and may she rest in peace."

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