04/16/2014 12:30 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

Cameron Diaz Clarifies Remarks On Sexuality, Says Heterosexual Men Should Be Able To Admire Other Men

Jonathan Short/Invision/AP

Cameron Diaz made headlines last month when she was quoted as telling Glamour UK that "all women have been sexually attracted to another woman at some point."

The 41-year-old star of "The Other Woman" and "Annie" clarified those remarks in a new interview with PrideSource's Chris Azzopardi. Though she seemed to dismiss media claims and stopped short of saying that she could see herself in a same-sex relationship ("That's not at all what I said. That's not what I was saying. That's what people are [saying]), Diaz nonetheless added that she can "appreciate the beauty" of women.

"I've said this forever: I think women's bodies are beautiful -- all shapes, all sizes," she said. "Every part of a woman is beautiful and that's something that we've celebrated culturally throughout history."

And she doesn't think appreciating beauty in the same sex should be limited to women, either: "If they're confident in themselves and know who they are, heterosexual men can look at another heterosexual man and go, 'Yeah, he's pretty hot. He's a sexy man.'"

When pressed about who her current Hollywood "girl crush" is, Diaz shrugged, saying she preferred a "natural beauty."

"Honestly, I think the girls need to step it up a little bit," she said. "I'm disillusioned with all the Botox and all the filler and all the fakeness."

In 2010, Diaz offered similar remarks in a Playboy interview, when she noted, "Sexuality and love can be different things."

At the time, she said, "I can be attracted to a woman sexually, but it doesn’t mean I want to be in love with a woman. If I’m going to be with a woman sexually, it doesn’t mean I’m a lesbian. We put these restraints and definitions on people, but it’s hard to define."

To read the full PrideSource interview, head here.



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