04/16/2014 05:21 pm ET Updated Apr 16, 2014

Dax Shepard Has A Serious Obsession With Brad Pitt

If you thought Kristen Bell's obsession with sloths was weird, Dax Shepard's will definitely throw you for a loop.

The "Parenthood" star stopped by "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Wednesday, April 16, and revealed that he has been a huge (and we mean HUGE) fan of Brad Pitt since his role as Tristan Ludlow in the 1994 flick "Legends of the Fall."

"I have really strong, strong feelings about Brad Pitt ... Always have," the 39-year-old actor gushed to DeGeneres. "I really am obsessed with him. He has great taste, I love all his movies, he's a phenomenal producer, he's a philanthropist [and] he's aging so gracefully."

Shepard then went on to recount his experience of "chatting" with Pitt at the 2014 Oscars, which DeGeneres hosted.

"I had never met him, nor did I ever want to, because I'd be afraid I wouldn't be able to talk to him," Shepard explained, detailing the part of the night where he went to stretch out his legs while DeGeneres passed out pizza to the crowd of famished celebrities.

"I'm facing Kristin getting to my seat and she starts pulling my leg, and she goes, 'He’s talking to you. He's talking to you!'" Shepard recalled. "And I turn around and Brad Pitt is talking to me from four rows up! He goes, 'We love your movie.' And in that moment I completely forget that I've directed a movie ["Hit and Run"] because I just forgot and I go, 'WHAT?'"

Shepard said Pitt then pantomimed in an attempt to convey what he was trying to say. That's when Shepard lost it and just said "thank you" and sat down. And at that moment, the ceremony's In Memoriam segment began.

"I'm smiling ear-to-ear from the best compliment of my life, and the sad music starts and we start cherishing the folks we've lost. It was nearly impossible for me to not smile," Shepard confessed. "And Kristin was like, 'Okay, get it together.' I never got it together! We left … there’s photos of me leaving an hour later, like, still smiling."

We feel you, Dax. We, too, loved "Legends of the Fall"



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