04/16/2014 04:53 pm ET

Bride Gives Groom 'Ghostbusters' Cake, Proves That She's A Keeper

Who ya gonna call when you need a totally kick-ass groom's cake?

This bride! Her groom, Redditor fourloonies, posted a photo of the awesome "Ghostbusters"-themed wedding cake she gave him on their Big Day, writing, "Yeah, she's a keeper."

We couldn't agree more.

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  • "Get home at midnight after a long shift at work and find my GF asleep with this note. She's definitely a keeper." - Redditor reddmanz
  • "My girlfriend made this for me when I was feeling down one day. She's a keeper." - ivydesert via Reddit
  • "GF baked me a cake for our one-year anniversary. I think she's a keeper." - ballywell via Reddit
  • "Came home to this. Marriage material." - riversmeow via Imgur
  • "After a really crappy week last week, my boyfriend took me to Paris for Valentine's Day! He's a keeper." - aimeehorror via Reddit
  • "So, I guess he's a keeper." - ohpleaseno via Reddit
  • "Wife material." - NotSureWhatToDoHere via Imgur (Click image twice to view larger)
  • "I'm studying to become a nail tech, and my boyfriend is being an awesome sport so I can practice." - liz-to-the-e-bitches via Reddit
  • "My husband opens all the windows and seals off the kitchen when he cooks dinner so my sense of smell doesn't go into overdrive. He's a keeper." - Pregnant Redditor FelCoh
  • "My girlfriend made this for me. She may be a keeper." - BetatestedyourGF via Imgur