04/16/2014 06:35 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

These Food Crimes Are Basically Grounds For Divorce

You swore "till death do us part," but maybe it should have been "till death do us part -- or till I can no longer stand your shady eating habits and disgusting ways around the kitchen."

Below, eight food-related crimes we can't believe real-life spouses had the nerve to pull on the ones they love. We're not saying each one of these acts is grounds for divorce, but yeah, they kind of are.

"I ate the cream from the Oreo and put the cookies back in the bag -- woke up to find this note. I'm a monster."

One word: "#DIVORCE"

"If you put the water filter in the fridge like this... you are probably my fiancée."

"Anyone know a good divorce lawyer? I just saw my wife eat a KitKat."


"My husband is so thoughtful... First he eats ALL of the spicy pickles, then he puts the empty jar back into the fridge. #groundsfordivorce"

"#didntsavemeone #lefttheemptyboxinthefreezer #groundsfordivorce

Bonus: "My wife told me dinner was in the fridge. I don't know what I expected."


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