04/16/2014 03:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

These Adorable Photos Of Pit Bull Puppies Will Improve Even The Worst Hump Day

What's better for getting you through the mid-week trudge than pictures of puppies? How about pictures of rescued pit bull puppies!

Reddit user "irukeiram" shared this album of her adorable pups yesterday.

The little darlings apparently came as a surprise because "irukeiram" rescued the mama pit bull from an acquaintance's house, not knowing the dog was pregnant.

"I rescued a beautiful, sweet pit bull," she wrote on Reddit. "Turns out she had a little surprise for me!"

"Irukeiram" also explained the condition she found the mother dog in, saying, "She was in a tiny, one bedroom apartment that did not allow dogs. She sat in that apartment 24/7 and was surviving purely off of cat food."

About the new pups, she had this gem to add:

"In case anyone was wondering, newborn pit bulls look like beluga whales!"

Whether they look like beluga whales or just pitties, they certainly are pretty darn cute! Enjoy:

h/t Viral Nova



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