04/16/2014 05:55 am ET

Runaway Horse Takes Tourists On Wild Ride Through Downtown Savannah (VIDEO)

A spooked horse pulling a carriage full of tourists tore through downtown Savannah, Ga., on Monday, smashing into cars, scaring passersby and injuring the driver.

The wild ride was caught on numerous surveillance cameras.

"I heard the horse coming down and said it sounds like it's going awfully fast for in the city, or for a tour," Aaron Senne, who was walking by, told WSAV. "I turned around, could see the horse galloping. Hit with its full chest on the side of the Nissan."

It's not clear what spooked the horse, whose name is Oscar, but it may have been a broken piece of equipment. Oscar then lost his bit and took off, hitting five cars.

He had five tourists from New York, including three children, inside his carriage.

Oscar eventually stopped in an alley, where restaurant workers calmed him with some carrots, police spokesperson Julian Miller told the Augusta Chronicle.

“I turned around and I look and I hear, woah woah. The lady was just trying to stop her and the horse was just reeling back up and back down,” rancher and rodeo veteran Robert Maxwell told WJCL. “Four guys tried to stop her and pull the people off at the same time."

Oscar was uninjured by the harrowing experience, and is expected to return to duty at Historic Savannah Carriage Tours within a few days, according to WJCL.

The carriage driver suffered a broken heel bone. None of the passengers were seriously injured, although one was treated at a local clinic and released.