04/16/2014 09:05 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Author Sue Monk Kidd Shares Her Trick For Overcoming Writer's Block (VIDEO)

Sue Monk Kidd's decades-long writing career has produced a host of bestselling books, from the literary phenomenon The Secret Life of Bees to the latest Oprah's Book Club 2.0 pick, The Invention of Wings. In addition, Kidd has penned spiritual memoirs and award-winning short stories.

But even a bestselling author has battled bouts of writer's block that can threaten her success. In an online Q&A for "Super Soul Sunday" about The Invention of Wings, Kidd shares with one of her fans how she is able to overcome this common challenge.

Kidd's first piece of advice is mental. "You try not to believe in writer's block," she says.

The next step for Kidd incorporates a physical approach. "When I feel completely stymied... it's usually because I have not given my imagination enough time to go browse around," she explains. "So, I usually leave my desk and I take a walk. I change it up. I do something differently. That allows my mind to shift out of that place I'm in."

It's not just about serious reflection, though. "Sometimes, I get up and do a dance around," Kidd says with a grin.

Whatever the activity, Kidd emphasizes the importance of creating a shift in your mind and body -- and cautions against staying away from writing for an extended period of time. "I can't allow myself, though, to dwell in that very long," Kidd says. "If you leave, you've got to come back."

During the Q&A, Kidd also shares her immersive writing rituals and explains how she structures her days when she's writing a book.

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