04/16/2014 10:42 am ET Updated Apr 16, 2014

Susana Martinez Calls Opponent A 'B****'

New Mexico Gov. Susana Martinez, the female Hispanic leader who has been hailed as the future of the Republican Party, displays a vindictive side in previously unreleased recordings and documents that Mother Jones wrote about Wednesday.

As Mother Jones reports:

Listening to recordings of Martinez talking with her aides is like watching an episode of HBO's Veep, with over-the-top backroom banter full of pique, self-regard, and vindictiveness. As Martinez and her campaign staff rewatched a recent televised debate, Martinez referred to [Diane] Denish, her opponent, as "that little bitch." After Denish noted that the Albuquerque Chamber of Commerce had given her an award, [aide Jay] McCleskey snapped, "That's why we're not meeting with those fuckers."

Martinez, a former Democrat, has been mentioned on the short list of 2016 GOP vice presidential contenders, though she has repeatedly said she isn't eyeing the White House.

For more, read the whole story at Mother Jones.

UPDATE: 11:27 a.m. -- In response to the Mother Jones piece, Martinez asked supporters on Wednesday to "stand against the D.C. liberal media" and sign a petition on her website:

It’s no secret: the liberal media in Washington will do and say anything to stop the progress we’ve made. While I’m focused on moving New Mexico forward, they’re desperately looking for ways to undermine our reforms and support candidates who will take us back to the days of Bill Richardson.

In one of the most desperate and despicable attacks to date, the far-left’s premier magazine is using material obtained by people who are part of a federal investigation for hacking into my personal email account.

My priority has always been to fight for New Mexico’s families and move our state forward. But the radical media want to hold us back.

Stand with me today and show the D.C. liberal media that their desperate attacks have no place in our state -- SIGN THE PETITION.

CORRECTION: The headline of this piece has been updated to reflect it was not the governor who referred to a group as "those fuckers." The first name of aide Jay McCleskey has been added.



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