04/17/2014 11:11 am ET Updated Apr 17, 2014

Bill O'Reilly Was Approached By Modeling Agency To Be Marlboro Man

Bill O'Reilly was almost a model. Yes. A model.

The Fox News host said Wednesday night that during the 1970s, while he was working for KMGH-TV in Denver, he was approached by a modeling agency to be the Marlboro man-- the iconic face of the cigarette advertising campaign in America.

O'Reilly said they wanted him "dressed as a cowboy" for the modeling job.

O'Reilly brushed past that disturbing image, going on to discuss his strong anti-marijuana stance and renaming the nation "The United States of Intoxication."

He said the high rate of marijuana use in America "raises public safety concerns" because pot-smoking has been linked to "brain abnormalities" -- an issue raised by this new study -- and increased selfishness in people.

"There should be a campaign against pot just like there is against tobacco, should there not?" he asked.

Hmm...we wonder who he thinks should be the model for that campaign.

We now leave you with the 1970's Marlboro commercial so you can imagine Bill O'Reilly as the star cowboy: