04/18/2014 11:46 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

These Mesmerizing GIFs Will Forever Change The Way You See Skateboarders

For most of the public, skateboarding is merely a hobby for those at the fringes of society. It destroys property, creates a ruckus, and cultivates the misbehaviors of wild teens -- all unfair generalizations, to say the least. In truth, there is an extraordinary amount of skill and athleticism that goes into skateboarding.

But that's not even going far enough in its defense. Skateboarding can be downright beautiful -- as much an art form as a sport. And that sheer beauty goes almost completely unheralded outside of skating culture. With that in mind, please aim your faces at these...

Robbyn Magby - 360 Hard Flip Foot Plant

Dustin Blauvelt - Hard Flip Pretzel

Jason Bastien - Rainy Fakie Tre/360 Flip

Jordan Hoffart - Powdery Tre/360 Flip

Jonathan Bastien - Backside 360 Backside Grab

Jason Bastien - Fiery Tre/360 Flip

Ryan Thompson - Fakie Flip Indy Grab

Robbyn Magby - 720 Double Flip

Jason Bastien - Nollie 360 Shuvit Late Flip

Mike Krok - Backside 180 Heel Flip

Jason Bastien - Switch Heelflip Late Fronside Shuvit

Ryan Thompson - Frontside Flip

Hat tip to Adam Shomsky and the guys at BeyondSlowMotion for putting out some amazing skate footage. Go check out their full videos if you get the chance.



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