04/18/2014 06:25 pm ET Updated Apr 18, 2014

To The Person Who's Been Pooping On The Playground Slide...

A billboard in Michigan is asking citizens to help catch the disgusting someone who's been defecating on playground equipment in Ypsilanti for the last six months, Fox 2 reports.

Adams Outdoor Advertising installed the digital billboard along I-94 with rotating messages such as: "Help us flush the pooper"; "Do your civic doody. Report the pooper"; and "Help us catch the poopetrator."

According to an earlier article in the Detroit Free Press, the slides at Prospect Park in Ypsilanti have been the target, prompting talk of an increase in surveillance. But so far that hasn't done s--t.

“No one wants to play in other people’s feces,” city council member Pete Murdock told the paper.

Of course, some observers had to make ... jokes.