04/18/2014 09:09 am ET Updated Apr 18, 2014

Edward Snowden: Putin 'Must Be Called To Account On Surveillance Like Obama'

One day after he asked Russian President Vladimir Putin about surveillance, Edward Snowden, known for leaking details of U.S. intelligence eavesdropping, said Putin "must be called to account on surveillance just like Obama."

Snowden penned his thoughts in an op-ed for The Guardian.

"I was surprised that people who witnessed me risk my life to expose the surveillance practices of my own country could not believe that I might also criticise the surveillance policies of Russia, a country to which I have sworn no allegiance, without ulterior motive," wrote Snowden, who was granted asylum in Russia for a year, extendable annually, after fleeing the United States.

"I regret that my question could be misinterpreted, and that it enabled many to ignore the substance of the question – and Putin's evasive response – in order to speculate, wildly and incorrectly, about my motives for asking it," Snowden continued.

Snowden said Putin's reponse to his question was "remarkably similar" to President Barack Obama's "initial, sweeping denials" about the National Security Agency's surveillance program.

Read Snowden's entire op-ed here.



Edward Snowden