04/18/2014 07:03 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

12 Online Dating Fails To Scare You Off Dating Forever (NSFW)

Hey single people: At a loss for what to say every time a friend or family member tells you to give online dating a try?

There's no need to say anything -- just show them this list. Below, 15 online dating profiles and messages that prove all your fears about online dating are completely warranted.

1. This reflective man in a blanket.

2. This 9/11 conspiracist, who is no longer a virgin.

3. This very honest young lady.

4. This hungry bear (and apparent "Rush Hour 3" plagiarist).

5. This guy and his strategically placed towel.

6. This zoo volunteer.

7. This pregnant woman -- or expecting father.

8. This dude with unachievable life goals.

9. This straight shooter.

10. This foodie.

11. This dude who's down for some conjugal visits.

12. Rameen.

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