04/18/2014 11:32 am ET Updated Apr 18, 2014

The Best Twitter Reactions To Last Night's Explosive 'Scandal' Season Finale


Last night's season finale of "Scandal" proved there's not enough wine in the world to help deal with Olivia Pope's family drama.

Bombs going off, mini-Fitz going down King Joffrey style and Papa Pope toying with our emotions -- we're still recovering from the explosive episode. Thanks to the sick and twisted genius that is Shonda Rhimes we are now questioning everything. Is O.P.A really over? What happened to Harrison? And, most importantly, why haven't we been playing closer attention to Tom throughout the season?

We won't have any answers until next season premieres, but until then we can all tell Rhimes exactly how we feel about that insane final episode, in 140 characters or less, of course. Here are last night's best Twitter reactions to the "Scandal" season finale: