04/18/2014 05:42 pm ET Updated Apr 19, 2014

'Scandal' Heartthrob Scott Foley Explains Why Sex Scenes With His Pregnant Co-Star Are A 'Riddle'

Raise your hand if you think pregnancy sex can be a bit awkward.

If you've been watching the latest season of "Scandal", you've probably noticed a change in the woman wearing the white hat. After Kerry Washington finally confirmed her pregnancy, many fans were left wondering how the show was going to hide that bun in the oven, especially with the amount of love scenes we've come to expect from Shonda Rhimes and Co. The show has done well this season to cover Washington's baby bump -- cashmere coats and strategically placed cast members were staples in every episode this season -- but when it comes to those steamy sex scenes between Olivia Pope and her leading men, things got a little tricky.

Scott Foley who plays swoon worthy Jake Ballard on the show -- and Olivia's man on the side -- said filming love scenes with his very pregnant co-star were all kinds of awkward.

"It's a riddle," Foley told HuffPost Live, "We've had some pretty lengthy conversations about how to shoot it. It's a challenge." Hiding that Washington's growing bump was only one part of the problem though.

"It's hard to enjoy those scenes," Foley said. "There's the guy fixing her bra, or my hair so it's awkward to begin with, but when you throw in a belly on top of that, or underneath it depending on the position we're in, it makes it even more so."