04/18/2014 06:15 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

When Grooms Are In Charge Of Save-The-Dates, This Is Bound To Happen

In honor of Flashback Friday, we proudly present this gem from 2012, which has been popping up again recently and for good reason -- it's hilarious.

A groom named Ben posted a photo of his save-the-dates to Reddit. See if you can find the trespasser -- which he added as a pre-wedding prank -- hiding in the brush on the left side of the photo.

"I had to wait until they were sent out [to share this], but it was worth it!" Ben wrote on Reddit.

As it turns out, Amy found the whole thing hilarious. "She was actually relieved since I originally told her I hid a subtle penis," Ben said in the comments on Reddit.

Well played, Sir.

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