04/19/2014 10:02 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Are You Celebrating Easter Or 4/20?

This Sunday is both Easter and 4/20. We're guessing that you are set in your ways and have your weekend priorities in order, right? Easter Sunday is a time to spend with family and friends with lots of colorful eggs. 4/20 is a time to spend with possibly family and definitely friends to really enjoy all the colors, experiencing them fully, as they were meant to be -- experienced. Whether you'll be enjoying a nice ham or a nice flavorful puff, it's important that you know exactly where your head will be at on Sunday. Luckily, HuffPost Comedy is happy to help you find the answer you've been looking for. That's right, that's why you've come here, to take our Are you celebrating Easter or 4/20 this Sunday? Quiz. Get Blazin'!

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We hope this quiz supplied you with the truth you've been searching for! Be sure to let the world know what Sunday means to you.

It's possible Bob Saget has come here to take this quiz, although his Half-Baked cameo revealed a different sort of past time. We also have a HuffPost 420 Hangout for you to watch while you're either enjoying finding eggs in the grass or enjoying your eggs with some grass.

Have a very HOLY, AWESOME April 20th!



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