04/20/2014 03:17 pm ET Updated Apr 20, 2014

Hear The 'Pokemon' Theme Song Performed As A Soulful Slow Jam

Amongst a multitude of media over the years, there is one entity spanning almost two decades that has united generations in a single cause: Gotta catch 'em all!

We are, of course, referring to "Pokémon," whose franchise of cartoons, video games, movies, trading cards and so much more have had kids and adults alike striving for years "to be the very best, like no one ever was."

Which leads us to its iconic theme song, that's been given a twist by Scott Bradlee, creator of Postmodern Jukebox, in a new series titled "Saturday Morning Slow Jams."

Click play to 'catch' this soulful car-tune you're bound to love as much as Pikachu.