04/19/2014 10:29 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Twin Brothers, 7, Fight Off Alleged Carjacker

Don't mess with Texas kids.

Seven-year-old twin brothers from San Antonio are credited with fighting off a carjacker, according to My Fox Austin.

Lucia Lozada, their mother, told KSAT that on Thursday afternoon, she was about to drive to church with the boys and their 1-year-old brother when she realized she had forgotten a baby bottle.

She returned to witness her car get stolen -- with her boys inside.

"I went back out and I saw him walking and I smiled at him because I know him from around here because he's always walking up and down the street, and he looked at me and just ran and got in the car and left," Lozada said.

Lucius and Luis, the 7-year-old twins, weren't going to take the carjacking lying down.

"I was kicking him. I was hitting him with a snake," one of the boys told My Fox Austin. The snake in question was a rubber toy that Lucia Lozada says she was hesitant to buy for her kids, but now she's glad she did.

The carjacker wound up dropping the kids off about 10 miles away from their home, Click 2 Houston reported.

The children were unharmed, but the car is still missing. The suspect, described as a white male in his early 30, has not been identified. Police say he will be charged with vehicle theft, but they have not yet determined what charges he'll face in relation to abducting the children.

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