04/21/2014 11:30 am ET Updated Apr 21, 2014

5 Anti-Aging Secrets From A Beauty Insider

Mike Kemp via Getty Images

When your career has included positions like chief marketing officer at Estée Lauder, president of Prescriptives, Vogue beauty editor, and president of Ralph Lauren fragrances, chances are you’ve picked up a few valuable beauty tricks along the way. In her new book, Toss the Gloss (Seal Press), industry expert Andrea Robinson shares her insider tips for looking your best in your 50s and beyond.

Stick with the basics. “I think there a lot of products that are unnecessary,” says Robinson. “That’s what marketing is all about—making women think they need something that they never knew they did.” Instead of purchasing a dozen different items, Robinson recommends sticking to the essentials: retinoids; SPF; a facial cleanser; and moisturizer. “A good [one] will moisturize the neck, under the eyes, and the skin on your face.”

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