04/21/2014 04:51 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Bus Passengers Jump To Aid Older Couple Confronted By Bully (VIDEO)

Bus passengers 1, Man 0.

A video appears to show several bus passengers intervening as a man verbally abuses, and then begins to hit, an older couple.

The footage -- which seems to have been shot in New York City -- appears to show the obscenity-spewing man menacing the pair and then striking the older man after he rises to separate the man from his companion.

The bus then unloads a protective fury. An onlooker punches the man repeatedly in the head and others join in to subdue him in an attempt to throw him off the bus.

The clip was posted on at least one site April 14 but received greater attention after it was posted to Reddit over the weekend. Viewers praised the elderly man for trying to stand up to the bully, as well as fellow riders for coming to the older man's aid. Some Redditors who reviewed the footage also noted that someone with a badge seems to retreat from the confrontation.

The MTA told The Huffington Post it was reviewing the footage but could not immediately confirm the incident happened on a New York City bus.

(Elite Daily)

Warning: Video contains violence and NSFW language.