04/21/2014 12:06 pm ET Updated Apr 21, 2014

Watch 'Community' Mock NBC With Hilarious Ending Credits

"Community" is definitely not afraid to speak up in class.

NBC is still up in the air about Season 6 for "Community," but the show doesn't seem to be worried. Rather than groveling to get picked up for one more year like any sane program would do, "Community" basically dares NBC to cancel it by providing a list of possible replacements during the credits of its Season 5 finale -- suggestions they feel would keep in line with the network's idea of comedy.

The replacements include options such as "Intensive Karen," which is apparently about a sassy, wheelchair-bound doctor who has use of her legs; "Captain Cook," a show that seems to be about pirates doing shot skis with cupcakes; and "Celebrity Beat-Off," a program featuring Questlove of The Roots doing something with music (hopefully).