04/21/2014 03:22 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Fresh Off Coachella, Temples Takes The HuffPost Live Stage

With a lead singer who looks like glam rocker Marc Bolan and a sound that recalls The Beatles and The Byrds with a neo-psychadelic twist, the up-and-coming UK band Temples gives a modern update to the vibe of the '60s.

The quartet from Kettering in Northhamptonshire, England, released its first single "Shelter Song" in 2012. Two years later, the group's debut album "Sun Structures" was released this past January. Some say the band has yet to develop a distinct sound within the psychedelic rock genre, like Tame Impala has, but Temples' recent performances at South By Southwest and Coachella may prove otherwise.

The band told HuffPost Live that SXSW was a challenge because the group played several sets in one day.

"I bet it’s fantastic to play one show a day. I bet it’s really good, because it means you’ve got a culmination of everything, the atmosphere that goes into one show," Bagshaw said. "I think it's really hard to play three shows a day or four shows a day and still be able to really give a show that feels musical, because there are shows where you don’t get to sound check ... and we’re a little persnickety with that kind of stuff. But we still had a great time.”

Check out Temples perform "Shelter Song" above, and watch the full HuffPost Live segment below.



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