04/22/2014 03:15 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2014

This Baby Looks Like John Legend And The Internet's Ovaries Just Exploded

Charley Gallay via Getty Images

Oy, Internet *sigh*, what would we do without your quirky revelations? The latest of which, blessed be, is the infant doppelganger of crooner John Legend, courtesy of Twitter.

The child's aunt, Twitter user rahel, posted the following photo of her adorable (and photogenic) nephew on Monday, April 21:

The vast Internet soon caught on, including Legend's supermodel wife Chrissy Teigen who tweeted:

And Legend himself, who posted the following photo to Instagram with the caption: "My actual baby picture. For comparison's sake."

See the uncanny resemblance?

Legend and Teigen, who married last September, don't have any kids of their own, but have both expressed an interest in becoming parents. We wouldn't be surprised if this photo expedites the process.

[h/t Elite Daily]