04/22/2014 06:28 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2014

'Bachelor' Host Chris Harrison: Juan Pablo Is The Classic Victim (WATCH)

Chris Harrison has seen his share of wild moments as host of the hit ABC dating shows "The Bachelor" and "The Bachelorette." But this season's bachelor, Juan Pablo Galavis, proved especially difficult. Harrison explained on HuffPost Live why he and Galavis butted heads so frequently.

"We all know people like this. They're victims," Harrison said. "He was one of those guys, you'll never kind of understand the depths of him. Nobody could ever have the problems he has had. And no matter what happened, what situation, he was the victim."

"I felt like a "Jerry Maguire" moment, like 'help me help you.' I'm like, 'I know how the fans are reacting right now, and you're not helping our situation.'"

Harrison admitted that cultural barriers, such as Galavis's upbringing in Venezuela, may have contributed to some of the issues. "I know culturally there was a huge problem there, a divide and language barrier, there was a big divide as well. But, with that said, he knew what was going on. He knew the situation, he knew the show. He knew what he had signed up for because he had been a part of it before."

Harrison continued, "he really wanted to control all of it, and you can't. On "The Bachelor," to be successful, you have to let go. It's a scary thing to do."

Despite the controversy surrounding the season, Galavis ultimately began dating contestant Nikki Ferrell. But the couple ended their relationship with "The Bachelor" on a less happy note.

"They were angry, and he was mad about something, but he was fighting a fight that wasn't happening. And so the rest of us were kind of like, 'we're happy for you -- just go be happy. It's okay. There's no fight here.'"

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