04/22/2014 11:14 am ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

'GENDEROSITY,' Donald Shorter Project, Engaged In Indiegogo Campaign

'GENDEROSITY' is a new multi-media theatrical project from artist Donald Shorter that seeks to take the viewer through his intimate transformation as a drag queen.

An effort to utilize drag to generate a conversation about gender performance, 'GENDEROSITY' also reveals how drag performance has led, for him, to a larger sense of self-acceptance. Shorter is currently engaged in an Indiegogo campaign to fund this project, which is slated to have a week-long run at the Wild Project Theater here in New York City this August.

"The show uses the process of my drag transformation to talk about gender expression and gender performance and how not conforming to gender norms has affected my life," Shorter told The Huffington Post. "I was inspired to write the show when I was working with a visual artist at the Pompidou Museum in Paris this past fall. I was in a film he was screening at the museum and I taught workshops on drag transformation and the questions I was being asked allowed me to reflect on the how and why of my drag."

Curious to learn more about "GENDEROSITY?" Head here to visit Shorter's Indiegogo campaign.