04/22/2014 02:51 pm ET Updated Feb 02, 2016

HuffPost Live Discusses Why Same-Sex Couples Have Happier Marriages (VIDEO)

A National Institutes of Health study suggests that married same-sex couples are, in fact, happier than their non-same sex counterparts.

In order to better understand this, HuffPost Live hosted a segment that explored the differing dynamics of same-sex and non-same sex married couples. Additionally, HuffPost Live brought on a woman in a same-sex marriage, Kathryn Hamm, to hear her personal experience surrounding her partnership.

"In my experience, same-sex couples have many challenges but we do get some short-cuts because we have a lot more freedom to come at, say, approaching a household problem," Hamm told HuffPost Live. "We aren't as confined by gender roles. So that's been our experience in the household but I would also say that we have tended to find a way around household roles based on who works more outside the home, who has more flexibility at any given time."

Check out the clip above and to watch the full segment, head here.



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