04/23/2014 09:48 am ET Updated Apr 23, 2014

Courteney Cox Wants 'Friends' Reunion, But It's 'Not Going To Happen'

No one told you "Friends" was gonna end this way (clap, clap, clap, clap).

Earlier this week, Courteney Cox stopped by the "Late Show," and host David Letterman begrudgingly asked the question that's on everyone's mind: "Will there be a 'Friends' thing going on (aka a reunion show)?"

"It's not going to happen," Cox said. She went on the tell Letterman that for the past 10 years she's wanted to get somewhat of a reunion together in the form of a cast dinner, and "it just doesn't happen."

As if the shock of hearing that the "Friends" don't hang out together every day singing "Smelly Cat" wasn't enough, Cox also shot down the suggestion of a "Friends" movie. She was skeptical of the idea in general simply because the show was mostly shot in one location on a sound stage.

Check out the clip above.

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