04/23/2014 10:36 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Julia Louis-Dreyfus Has Sex With A Clown In Hilarious (Yet Disturbing) GQ Shoot

Julia Louis-Dreyfus gets busy with a clown in the May issue of GQ.

The funnywoman posed for a series of hilarious -- yet slightly disturbing -- shots with a clown. First, they meet at what looks like a circus, then they have sex, then he leaves, then they have a beautiful clown baby together. The end.

If you ever needed a metaphor drawn out for you and splattered across colorfully glossy pages, this would be it. Clearly, the actress, 53, is all about clowning around.

But with the new season of "Veep" killing it on HBO, Louis-Dreyfus admits that her mess of a character, Selina Meyer, isn't fueled by her own inner demons. "I don’t have a shit-ton of baggage,” she told GQ. "There's not some grotesque, dark thing."


Mark Seliger, who shot Louis-Dreyfus for GQ, is also responsible for her latest memorable Rolling Stone's cover -- the one in which she's "wearing absolutely nothing but the immortal words of America's founding fathers."

Find Julia in the May issue of GQ, on newsstands April 29.



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