04/23/2014 01:39 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Pharrell Williams Releases 'Marilyn Monroe' Music Video

Pharrell Williams released the music video for "Marilyn Monroe," the opening track to his new album "G I R L." With help from the video, it may help to get "Happy" out of your head for good.

Luis Cervero directed the shoot, and while there are some gratuitous butt shots, ballerina leg lifts and bathtub scenes, we can assume this is Pharrell's tribute to the ladies, since the track was inspired by famous women in history. Plus, Pharrell's wife, Helen Lasichanh, and Kelly Osborne show up to say hey.

But we can't talk about this video without bringing up Pharrell's hats. The guy must have 20 by now, but these four got special treatment:

red hat

green hat

khaki hat

pharrell black hat