04/23/2014 05:02 pm ET Updated Apr 23, 2014

This Shawn Kemp Dunks Mixtape With A Nirvana Soundtrack Is 100% Pure '90s (VIDEO)

Welcome back to the 1990s, when Seattle reigned supreme.

This archival clip from an episode of "NBA Inside Stuff" that was recently unearthed by Sean Newell of Deadspin paired two titans of the 1990s that emerged from the Emerald City: Nirvana and Shawn Kemp. A montage of dunks by Kemp was matched with Nirvana's "Smells Like Teen Spirit" for the program's beloved "Jam Session" segment. The result is 100% pure '90s.

Both Kemp and Nirvana grabbed and held our attention by combining ferocity and melodicism in a way that seemed revolutionary. With some help from the squares at Microsoft and Starbucks as well as Ken Griffey Jr.'s backwards hat, they established Seattle as the rain-dappled place that all of America looked to throughout that decade for whatever was next.

There we were then, they entertained us.

[H/T Deadspin]