04/24/2014 12:49 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Kooky New Egg Device Scrambles Eggs Without Breaking Them

It's pretty egg-centric, but we're into it.

Geraint Krumpe, an industrial designer from Y Line Product Design of Chicago, created the craziest egg contraption we've seen yet. Called The Golden Goose , it's a play on "the goose that lays golden eggs" and was inspired by a Victorian children's toy. The Golden Goose produces "golden eggs" which are eggs that are scrambled inside of their shell. As declared on Krumpe's Kickstarter video, Golden Eggs "have been relatively unachievable until now."

As Krumpe told the Daily Mail, once he got the idea, "Something sparked inside me and I became obsessed with trying to find an easy way of scrambling an egg in its shell every time." It took Krampe about a year to design and test the product until became The Golden Goose we see today.

golden egg

The way the device works is pretty unusual and the results are "far superior" to normal eggs. Powered by hand, the egg is placed inside the device which locks it in safely. According to the video demonstration, the user then pulls the handles, thereby spinning the egg shell and "taking advantage of centripetal forces." This leaves the user with an evenly mixed egg white and yolk with minimal effort and an uncracked shell.

Krampe is still looking for donations, and for $18 or more you can get in on the fun. And once you're done whipping up the eggs, try any of these recipes to make something for friends in minutes!

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