04/24/2014 10:05 am ET Updated Apr 24, 2014

Rand Paul Insulted Reagan, But It Could Have Been Worse


Wednesday morning, Mother Jones published a story featuring not-very-old videos of Senator Rand Paul disparaging Ronald Reagan, or as he's known in Republican quarters, God. Back in 2007 and 2008, when Paul hit the campaign trail for his father's quixotic presidential run, and in 2009 when he was running for Senate, he repeatedly lit into the Gipper for the sin of running up the deficit during the 1980s. The slander didn't stop there. Paul actually drew a negative comparison on fiscal discipline between Reagan and ... Jimmy Carter. Yes, THAT Jimmy Carter, not a hardcore Tea Partier who happens to have the same name.

For a modern Republican, it doesn't get much more offensive than insulting Reagan. But maybe, just maybe, it could have been worse. Below, eight things Paul could have said that might have rankled the GOP base even more.

8) "Lenin had some decent ideas, but ultimately went too far."

7) ""Guns are not actually that awesome."

6) "'Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" is the funniest game show in radio history."

5) "Please welcome today's musical guest, Sister Souljah."

4) "Republicans may have over-emphasized" allegations of voter fraud. (Oh wait, he did that one! What's gotten into you, Rand!?)

3) "Fight the real enemy!" (preceded by ripping up a copy of the Constitution, Sinead O'Connor style).

2) "I don't like any of you."

1) "Barack Obama is a good person."