04/24/2014 04:43 pm ET Updated Apr 25, 2014

'Veep' Star Timothy Simons Reveals Why The Cast Doesn't Rehearse More Often

Ever watched an episode of "Veep" and wondered how the cast gets through multiple takes of a scene without cracking up all the time? It's simple, they don't rehearse.

Timothy Simons sat down with Huffpost Live and revealed the formula for keeping it together while spitting out rhymes -- "It's J Diddy ladies, get giddy" -- on the show.

"We sort of have to find the right amount of rehearsal to do to make sure that we know it so that we can hit the right beats and make the moments that we're supposed to make, but also not that we come in and it just sounds robotic and rehearsed," Simons said.

Realism aside, another reason the cast skimps out when it comes to going over lines is because the scripts are always changing. "A lot of times, we'll be walking to set and we'll be handed a new version," Simons said. "You're just flipping through nine pages of stuff that you're just going to learn right then."

The actor also admitted he's not the most professional person in the room when those awesomely absurd scenes take place. "I'm particularly bad at breaking if something's funny," Simons said. "I'm not professional so I do often laugh, but less at what I do and more often at what other people do."