04/25/2014 01:08 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mysterious Cat Mutilations Rock Florida Neighborhood

A rash of cat mutilations is rocking the city of Lakeland, Florida with the bodies of four recently found cut cleanly in half.

Several cats have gone missing since March and residents worry for their pets' safety.

Lea Ellen DeWitt is still shocked by the sight of her butchered feline.

“There was no hair, there was no blood, there were no guts,” Lea Ellen DeWitt told WFLA-TV. “It was just the front half of the cat.”

Some neighbors speculate that alligators or coyotes are responsible for the bizarre killings.

Lakeland Police spokesman Gary Gross told the Lakeland Ledger that "it doesn't appear to be an animal” doing the killing.

Officials from the Lakeland police were scheduled to meet with Animal Control officers on Friday to figure out an action plan.

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